Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, which was previously referred to as “impotence”, is a physical condition, when a man can’t achieve erection or maintain it. And although any male on the Earth sometimes experiences some kind of impotence (problems with erection happen to everyone at least once in a lifetime and are caused by certain worries, stress or too much alcohol consumed), but if the problem is no longer temporary, then it means that you need some erectile dysfunction treatment.

ED Degrees

There are different degrees of erectile dysfunction:

• Mild ED – ability to achieve and maintain successful erection 7 to 8 times out of 10 attempts

• Moderate ED – ability to have successful erection 4 to 6 times out of 10 tries

• Severe ED – ability to achieve erection less than 3 times out of 10 attempts.
ED Degrees (levels)
Previously this problem was not considered that common, but the reason for this is that not many men wanted to talk about this problem and share it with anybody. Now, as more and more treatments and medications that help people live with erectile dysfunction appear, men are not anymore scared to talk about it, and there are some detailed statistics available to study and understand the causes and tendencies of erectile dysfunction.
There is one out of 10 men who has erectile dysfunction for sure in the world.
There are alone 30 million of men having erectile dysfunction in the United States.
Half of the men suffering diabetes also suffer from erectile dysfunction. The first erectile dysfunction problems for men with diabetes appear within the first 10 years after diagnosis.
With age the possibility of getting erectile dysfunction increases:
• At the age of 40 – 39%
• 65 or older – 65%.
Men, abusing alcohol, drugs and cigarettes are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. For instance, those men, who smoke more than one pack of cigarettes per day, have 50% higher chances of getting ED, than men of the same age who do not smoke.
Some urologists say that the number of men looking for erectile dysfunction treatment will double in the nearest few years.


Erectile dysfunction has sure and concrete symptoms:

The first and major symptom is when you are unable to get an erection, when you are in a sexual situation and want to have sex, or when masturbating. The second symptom of ED is when you are unable to maintain your erection hard enough and long enough to complete the sexual intercourse. And although similar problems happen to all men from time to time, it can become serious, when such problems continue and become often. More About ED Symptoms

Erectile Dysfunction Causes


Erectile dysfunction can be caused by many various reasons, from physical to psychological. Among them are:
Vascular diseases – high blood pressure, diabetes, problems with arteries and blood circulation
Surgeries and injuries – prostate cancer surgery or pelvic surgeries in case of colon cancer can often cause erectile dysfunction. Injuries in the pelvic area can also cause problems with veins and nerves around the penis, giving problems with erection
Damage of nerves – caused by stroke, sclerosis or spinal cord injuries, leading to worsening of functioning of nerves in the body
Low levels of testosterone
Depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem – although all of these can sometimes be a result of existing problems of erectile dysfunction, depression, stress and other tend to make erectile dysfunction even worse.
Drugs, both illegal and medical (like sedative drugs), alcohol and cigarettes. More About ED Causes


Today, as the medicine has gone very far, there are many options for ED Treatments. Among them are:
Vacuum pumps
Herbal Treatment
• Intra-penis suppositories – inserted inside the penis, dissolving medicine inside it and causing erection
• Inflatable penis implants

Erectile dysfunction is a big problem, until you start taking care of it and treating impotence. With so many innovations in the medicine, you can be absolutely sure that you will be able to find the erectile dysfunction treatment, which is just right for you.

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