Penis Enlargement

Penis Enlargement
Who Cares About Penis Size? Give It A Thought!
Many men think about penis enlargement. Commercials and advertisements only make them believe that they are not normal and need some enhancement tablets, pumps or surgeries. This can be not just expensive, but very dangerous. Besides there are other options you must consider before making a decision.
It’s easy to find procedures and products that can enlarge penis. Open a men’s magazine, listen to the radio or TV show, search internet and you will end up with bunch of ads for weights, pumps, pills and surgery clinics that promise to make your penis longer and wider. Be very careful!

There are no scientific researches done that support penis enlargement methods. Everything you read or watch can damage your penis. Even a non-surgical method might lead to erectile dysfunction. You don’t want to become an impotent, do you? Thus you must think twice before you decide to give it a try.

Normal Penis Sizes

Many men fear that their penis is way too small to satisfy a woman. This fear is common. However many studies prove that most men who believe their penis is small have a normal-sized penis.

Medicine measures average flaccid penis as 3-4 inches and 5-7 inches when it’s erect. Medics say that penis is small when it’s less than 3 inches in erect condition (micropenis). But even in this situation it is possible to have children and satisfy your partner during sexual intercourse.

Partner’s Point of View

How Your Partner View Your Penis
If you listen to commercials you will eventually believe that all partners care about penis sizes.

Still many women don’t concentrate on penis size. They say it is not very important. More of it, if your penis is too large it can cause discomfort or pain. During sexual intercourse, the tip of your penis can hit woman’s cervix. It’s not a pleasure for woman, thus long penis can be a disadvantage.

Advertisements make people think that gay men like women are also obsessed with penis size. In reality it’s all just a matter of personal preferences for both partners.

If your partner is ok with your penis size, don’t make problems yourself. Only if your partner dreams and desires you to enlarge your penis size, you might consider changing it.

Not Approved by FDA

Marketers promote different non-surgical methods of penis enlargement with serious commercials. But their “scientific researchers” are often not real. Give it a closer look and you will notice that promised effectiveness or safety of penis enlargement is not proven. Testimonials or Photoshop photos don’t prove anything.
If you read the bottom lines of most non-surgical penis enlargement advertisements you will be surprised. These methods have not been evaluated and approved by FDA – Food and Drug Administration.

Dangerous Side Effects

Penis Enlargement Device
Many of penis enlargement treatments are not effective. In fact, they can damage your health. Even exercises and lotions can cause impotence.

Jelqing that is advertised everywhere can form scars on your penis, cause pain or disfigurement. No scientific researches have been made to indicate that manual squeezing exercises can really increase your penis size.

The same thing may be said about stretching with weights. If a man wears weights on his flaccid penis he can damage himself.

Erectile dysfunction is often treated with vacuum pumps. But if you use penis pump for a longer time or more often than your doctor advises you can damage your penis and lead to less firm erections. You might get an illusion of a larger penis. But this result is not permanent.

Advertised tablets and lotions can also be harmful. Most of them have vitamins, hormones, natural products and minerals that are promised to enlarge your penis. Still nobody has proven that pills and lotions work.
Surgical Enlargement Techniques

Surgeons always try to develop new techniques to satisfy their patients. This includes penis enlargement methods that have not been certified by medical organizations. More of it, many organizations including the American Urological Association, the Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and others are against cosmetic surgeries that claim to make your penis larger.

There are several experimental methods that can lengthen your penis. They weren’t studied long enough to make sure that risks are minimal and results are permanent and not complicated.

One experimental procedure moves skin from abdomen to penile shaft. Surgeons cut the suspensory ligament and this helps penis to look longer. Such surgery can lead to unstable penile erections and weird positions of penis when it’s erect.

Another procedure involves moving skin from pubic area to penis. Side effects from this surgery can include hair growth on penis, scars and other damages.

Some surgeons suction fat from men’s body and inject it into penis.

All these techniques are not proven to be safe and effective. Going through such a surgery you might get infected, bleed; lose the sensation in the skin or become an impotent.
Risks of Surgeries

Most men who have undergone penis enlargement surgeries are not satisfied with the results. It’s important to understand that every surgery can add about 1 inch to the length of your flaccid penis. It won’t make erect penis any larger. Sometimes a surgery can even reduce the size of your penis.

When You Should Consider a Surgery

Penis Enlargement Surgery
Cases when you really need to enlarge your penis are rare. Mostly such operation is done for those whose penises don’t function normally as a result of a severe injury or birth defect. Still surgeries are generally not necessary for men and can do harm.
Help Yourself to Make a Decision
Maybe you can’t enlarge your penis in a surgical or non-surgical way. There are other tips that might help you to realize that penis size is not important for you or your partner. Keep in mind that surgeries and other penis enlargement methods can’t be safe or effective.
So it’s better for you to first talk to your partner. Such a dialogue may be difficult for both of you, but you must understand sexual preferences for yourself and your partner.
You can also try to get in shape. Try to exercise in a gym. You will look better and get more strength to satisfy your partner in bed.
Maybe you just need to lose belly. When man’s lower abdomen is hanging over his genitalia his penis looks smaller than it really is.
Another way to make your penis look bigger is trimming your pubic hair. Give it a try and you can make the base of your penis more sensitive.
If you are unhappy about your penis size you can try to consult your doctor. A conversation with a counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist can also help. Most men are normal but they don’t feel this way. A discussion with a professional can help you to realize that everything is ok with you! Maybe such a conversation will give you a good advice about how to satisfy your partner without a penis enlargement surgery.

Think Twice

Some men believe that if they increase their penis size they will become a better lover. They think that a large penis can attract more women or gay men to them. Still most men who are sure that their penis is small have an average size. Even if your penis is really small and you want to undergo a surgery don’t hurry with a decision. There are other options that you must take a look at. Some of them are not very expensive or dangerous. The best but not easiest way for you is to carry an open conversation with your partner or doctor.


  1. cloud :

    Apr 18, 2011 12:11 pm |

    yeah for us girls,we really dont care what are the sizes of ur penis,all that matters is its natural . :)


  2. BABA MOTU :

    Aug 8, 2010 12:36 am |



  3. sten :

    Apr 21, 2010 2:20 pm |

    but what is better? herbal pills or those stretchers?? and to use them both on the same time for me it sounds like a mistake,cause,no one can point right now and say,this is the best way to enlarge your penis,and if you are using both products,and let say that it did success so you cant point on exactly what is the best way though…
    anyway,isnt it dangerous using both of products in the same time?


  4. jacob, RN :

    Feb 23, 2010 4:53 pm |

    small penis size is a GOD given, altered penis size should keep private specially on health care workers.


  5. Barry Ohman :

    Jan 1, 2010 7:28 am |

    I thing that some men should just get over the issue if they have a small penis and maybe try some Male Enhancement Pills that are made from all natural herbal products. It would also be advised to use a penis stretcher at the same time as using Male Enhancement Pills as the two will work together to help a man increase the size of their penis.

    Definitely it would be well advised to wearing weights on a mans penis or considering having an operation as there is no guarantee that the effects will be permanent.


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