Marijuana and Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction and Marijuana
There are so many opinions concerning marijuana influence on sex drive and men’s impotence. Some people assure that cannabis is a dangerous drug that can badly affect your sex life both physically and mentally. Others are convinced that smoking marijuana doesn’t have any severe consequences or side effects.

Where is the truth? Does this drug really cause erectile dysfunction? How can you save your healthy sex life? Is there any useful advice for heavy marijuana users? Let’s find this out.


Researches have shown that marijuana can damage your sperm. According to the report made by Buffalo University scientists, men who smoke weed have much less seminal fluid than those who don’t use drugs.

Researchers suggest that marijuana is doing something to sperm that have a lower count and swim way too fast burning out before reaching the egg. It is known that marijuana contains different chemicals that can affect human physiology. This drug has an impact on tetrahydrocannabinol or THC that can disrupt the way sperm goes.

Men’s sperm has receptors which can be stimulated by THC. Tests have revealed that sperm influenced by smoking marijuana swims in a strange fashion. It is less able to attach to the egg.

More than 20 men who had used cannabis twice a day for at least 5 years in a row participated in the research. Their sperm samples were tested. It turned out that the sperm swam too fast too soon. And this reduced the chances of sperm reaching the testicles.

A permanent use of marijuana can burnout your sperm before it reaches the egg. As the result men’s capability of fertilization might be impossible.

Real Stories

Erectile Dysfunction and Marijuana
In reality there are many men who have become fathers even though they have been smoking marijuana for a long period of time. Aaron (42 years old) says, “I enjoy ganja. It has helped me to relax after my hard working days for more than 15 years. I feel great today. I have fathered a child. I don’t have any serious illnesses”.

Of course, Aaron’s story doesn’t happen to every other man.

“I stopped smoking weed because I faced some severe side effects. It affected my lungs, I kept coughing all the time and didn’t enjoy sex until my best friend suggested I should quit. I also know that pot and other cannabis-related drugs can compromise your ability to remember things, focus and shift attention”, Joe (25 years old) says. “Even a small dose of marijuana can impair your ability to recall words you have read 20 minutes earlier”.

In Joe’s case there wasn’t any erectile dysfunction case. His love to sex returned as soon as he quitted smoking pot. As you see marijuana’s affect on sex performance can vary.


It is unclear whether fertility can recover after you stop taking cannabis. THC can store in human fat for a long period, so if your sex motivation disappears it might never go back to normal.

Scientists and doctors advise men not to smoke pot. The same advice concerns women because marijuana can affect many systems in the body leading to horrible consequences.

Usually erectile dysfunction happens to heavy cannabis users. Women can experience irregular periods when they smoke marijuana too often. At the same time pot smokers can suffer from dismotivation, ED episodes, absence of sex drive, hormonal changes, aggressiveness and other psyche and body side effects.

Men who like smoking pot might be sexually active, but in bed they can experience fearfulness and anxiety. Marijuana can impair your coordination the way alcohol does. If you don’t want to look “stupid” in front of your woman, don’t smoke weed. Keep in mind that sex requires a lot of coordination and clear mind.

Maybe cannabis won’t influence your sexual relations much. If so, you are a lucky smoker! But what if it does? What if marijuana ruins your sexual life? What if it does affect your reproductive health? Will you continue smoking pot or will you find other ways to relax? It’s all up to your own risk and wisdom! enjoy


  1. Tokin Green :

    Feb 20, 2011 8:37 pm |

    While there may be minor effects to sexual hormones by using marijuana, they are DEFINITELY not significant enough to write an article about. There are hundreds of other things that cause real sexual incompetence, unlike marijuana. This is a perfect example of what stems from biased research.

    Ask the right questions; get the right answers. Don’t just eat bullshit people feed you.


  2. mossguru :

    Feb 7, 2010 12:06 pm |

    If this were true, there wouldn’t be many Rasta babies, would there?


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