Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

Orally Drugs

ED drugs are most commonly used to treat erectile dysfunctions of any kind. No matter if it’s a small problem or serious impotence, drugs can help you cope with it and solve it to a maximum extent. drugs are an easy and fast way to solve erection problems. There are drugs that should be taken once before the sexual intercourse (or 30 minutes to one hour before), there are drugs, that need to be taken constantly and which give steady long-terms results. Most widespread erectile dysfunction drugs include Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and other.

Viagra is the most popular and well-known sexual performance enhance, which is the most marketed and the most widely used medication for erectile dysfunction treatment. It is a very fast-acting drug, which gives results 30 minutes after taking a pill, and is effective in as many as 75% of cases. Viagra treatment is especially effective for those, whose erectile dysfunction is caused by spinal cord injuries – positive results in over 83% of cases, and for those, whose diabetes mellitus caused erectile problems – 57% of cases.

Levitra is a medication which gives almost instant results starting with the first time used. Levitra works for people of any age and with different causes of erectile dysfunction.
Cialis is also a great alternative for erectile dysfunction treatments, as the results of this medication stay for 36 hours after just one drug.
erectile dysfunction self-injection drugs

Penile Self-Injection Drugs

Another popular type of ED drugs are self-injection drugs. They are more complicated to use, but give direct results with fever side effects, as they affect the penis directly, instead of influencing on your entire body, vascular and nervous system. In order to take advantage of such ED drugs you will need to be able to use a small shot needle (if your partner knows how to use it, then you can trust your partner to make you injections). 5-15 minutes before the sexual intercourse you will need to inject a small portion of medicine to the side of your penis. The injections are almost painless, but their disadvantage is that they last for a very short term (generally from 30 minutes up to two hours). This kind of erectile dysfunction treatment is not effective for all patients, but about 70% of men, using this erectile dysfunction drugs find it very effective. Self-injected ED drugs help achieve satisfactory erection and maintain it for long enough to complete a sexual intercourse. If you do not know how to make injections, ask your physician to teach you, as it is very easy and only requires a few times of practice. The doctor will also advice you with a proper dosage of the medication and will show the right place for injections. Another big advantage of self-injected drugs is that this treatment can be used multiple times during the day (usually up to 7 times!).

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The most popular drugs used for injections include prostaglandin and phentolamine. Papaverine hydrochloride is also used sometimes. Although all the drugs are safe and effective for treating of impotence and are approved by FDA, only Prostaglandin is approved specifically for erectile dysfunction treatments.

All erectile dysfunction drugs, even those approved by FDA, have possible side effects. Some of the drugs are still considered experimental. Some drugs are not advised to be taken in combination with other medicine, especially with those, used for treatment of heart and vascular diseases. The first thing to do, when deciding about the correct ED drugs, is to contact your doctor to get the right advice.

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  1. mustafa kamal :

    May 8, 2009 11:35 pm |

    I am suufering from E.D. I am a diabetic on insulin.
    Suffering from diabetic for last 16 years. Takin insulin from last 10 months.
    Kindly advise, Viagra is not working.
    Mustafa kamal.
    Note I am resident of Hyderabad, India.


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