Psychological Cause of Erectile Dysfunction

July 30, 2010

Psychological Cause of ED
It is inappropriate for people to talk about E.D. Thus this problem becomes even more distressing for those who are unable to fulfill their partner’s needs in bed. Not only a person with erectile dysfunction feels “damaged”, but he is also left alone in such a difficult situation. The second person who is usually aware of man’s E.D. problem is a woman. And a lot depends on how she reacts to it, but we will talk about this later.

Today we’ll speak about erectile dysfunction, its psychological nature and the importance of psychological support.

Erectile dysfunction also known as impotence is a failing of erection system which makes sexual intercourse impossible. This disorder can be caused by either organic or psychological problems. These two causes have different nature. Organic erectile dysfunction has a slow beginning with the increasing dynamics. Night erections or any other spontaneous erections are absent. Men still experience sexual desire, but their sexual intercourse cannot happen as it does not depend on the situation, mood or environment.

Unlike organic E.D., psychological impotence has the sudden nature. It strongly depends on the internal state, environment and people, etc. Thus men get both nocturnal and spontaneous erections, and their sexual disorder occurs on a background of their personal problems. It is believed that up to 70 % of all impotence cases are caused by psychological problems. How to get generic Levitra online https://www.topcanadianpharmacy.org/product/levitra/

Any man who has impotence should visit a doctor first to exclude any organic causes of E.D. Only after this he can consult a psychologist.

Modern society often forgets an old belief that can help to cure psychological erectile dysfunction. People believe that everyone can materialize his thoughts and dreams. Speaking in other words, everything that is on our mind and in our soul has some deep reflection on our body.

The causes of impotence in each particular case are different and they require individual approach.

Sometimes sexual potency and strength can become the main issue, and this question can play an important role for men’s self-confidence. Some men believe their sexual appetite and potency are their pride, and they are afraid to lose it. Of course, this issue is important to every man. But we don’t talk about hypertrophied aspect of potency in this article. Such men are pretty unsure of themselves, but they show self-confidence on public. Inside, they are afraid of failures and mistakes. And it is logical that at some point they lose what they feared losing. A case with relationship with women has the same nature. A man wants to impress a woman. He gets too nervous and becomes powerless. He fails.

Psychological impotence may also be the result of other events that happen in life. Let’s take a closer look at work and career, for example. Both issues can be very important and not so important for women. But for men their work and career are the main way of self-realization. It is their main source of income that is so important to their family. To be successful at work is an important goal every man wants to achieve. But problems at work, difficult situations, conflicts and intolerable atmosphere can affect sexual potency. They can signal that a man has problems he needs to solve.

Now we need to answer the question what you can do to change your life situation and solve all issues.

If looking at the first case, we can see that the answer is obvious. You need to understand that sexual life is a part of your live. It must bring you pleasure. Then you have to work with your self-confidence. You need to develop and improve it till you reach the harmony in life that won’t be lost due to a sudden unpleasant incident.

Speaking about the second case, we need to resolve life issues first, and psychological E.D. will go away on its own.

Every person has all necessary resources that are needed for solving most life issues. Just sometimes we don’t notice them. If this happens, you can get help from a psychologist. This professional will not solve your problems, but he will show you the possible ways out, and you will be able to help yourself.

While medicine can treat only 95 % of organic erectile dysfunction, psychology is able to cure 100 % of psychological impotence.

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